Film and TV- March

A mysterious illness, a holiday gone wrong and Ghostface’s return make for some interesting horrors this March. Bingeable Netflix and Disney + series You, Red Rose and Only Murders in the Building keep you glued to your tv screen for just one more episode. Hope you enjoy these reviews and check out my Letterboxd to see what else is on my watchlist:
I have also added a scare rating to any horror so you can get an idea of the scare levels compared to other things.

Happy viewing everyone!

Film and TV – January

From thought provoking thrillers to explorations of robotics and it’s implications, January has been an interesting month when it comes to Film and TV. Here is my take on what I watched in January:

Film and TV-May

May has been an exciting month where I had the opportunity to see some absolutely amazing films at the cinema. Here is my take on a few of them. Also going forward will be reviewing tv as well which is why I have renamed these articles. Enjoy and feel free to add to your film lists. Im on Letterboxd if you also want to see what i’m watching:

Film Discussion-December

It’s the holidays and time to find some new films to get lost in. Here are some of the films I watched in December along with my take on them. Happy viewing everyone!

Lily takes on travels to Split

Upon arrival at Heathrow Airport, having been deprived of international travel for a full 17 months, I had all but forgotten how to travel, not remembering a plastic zip lock bag for toiletries and casually forgetting to look at the gate board. I have been to Croatia only once before for a festival. I loved…

Film Discussion-May

Hello, fellow film lovers, I bring you May’s film discussion with some films I started my year with in 2021. Hope you enjoy watching these powerful, ethically charged dramas that look at interesting characters as much as I did. Burning A unique drama where the viewer is invited to piece together the shuffled jigsaw that…

Focus on Horror Comedy

Horror comedy characterised by gory scenes, hilarious one liners and loveable characters has graced film screens throughout the years. Here are three such films that play with known horror tropes for comic effect.

Top 10 Films of 2020

It’s New Years Eve and I’m counting down my favourite films of 2020. Here are my 10 favourites from each genre. Of course I have shared two movies from horror as most of my viewing experiences have been dedicated to this genre in 2020. If I have already reviewed these I have linked to my previous posts. Happy viewing all!

Film discussion – Welcome to the Blumhouse

Blumhouse productions founded by Jason Blum in 2000 brought a new age of horror for viewers. Starting with Paranormal activity which had people constantly looking over their shoulder for invisible demons on to an equally scary experience with Insidious. (Tiptoe Through The Tulips still haunts me) I don’t enjoy supernatural horror films, instead favouring psychological…

Film discussion: Focus on some drama and action flicks

For this film discussion I will focus on some drama and action flicks I have watched recently. These cover topics ranging from adrenalin fuelled action, to heist, workplace harassment, moving away from home ,the fallout from an information leak and the effect that being a horror writer can have on someone’s life. There’s nothing like an engaging drama or action film to transport viewers to a new world with impactful characterisation that informs these themes.

Film discussion of the week- London BFI Film Festival 2020

I do like a good film festival. I would go to the NZ International Film Festival every year to discover the latest in original cinematic experience. Thank goodness I found a UK equivalent. Although I presume that now I have got a taste of European cinema my next stop is Cannes next May. I flicked through the BFI programme and chose the films that peaked my interest. Thought provoking documentaries, body snatching assassins, twists on the vampire genre and what happpens when you are raised by grifters are all to be explored in my take on this years BFI gems.